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Unit 10 Writing Assignment 1 Unit 10 Writing Assignment Jasmine Good Kaplan University MT320-05 Research and Presentation Gillian Martin June 22, 2011
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Unit 10 Writing Assignment 2 Unit 10 Writing Assignment I feel after taking this course, Research and Presentation, I have become a stronger candidate to enter the business world because the key concepts and topics such as the levels of decision making, the process of decision making, and the role that research plays in making decisions. The levels of decision making: strategic, tactical, and technical; their orientations and types of information needed to make them. Tactical decisions such as which portions of the budget should be used for which activities, for example, are “operations-oriented,” involving “descriptive/historical in nature,” and deal with issues of a shorter time frame (Davis, 2004, p. 4). The level of decision making is important because the information needs are different and it is
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jasminegood_MT320-05_unit10_assignment - Unit 10 Writing...

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