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jasminegood_MT320-05_unit 2_assignment

jasminegood_MT320-05_unit 2_assignment - will also have to...

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Unit 2 Assignment 1 Unit 2 Assignment Jasmine Good Kaplan University MT320-05: Research and Presentation Professor Gillian Martin May 5, 2011
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Unit 2 Assignment 2 Unit 2 Assignment My current place of employment is currently beginning a new line of business. It will begin to buy gold in addition to currently being a payday loan business. With this new line of business includes an increase in paperwork, marketing, and a larger customer base. There are also strict state guidelines that have to be followed along with our corporate guidelines. There will be strict penalties if these guidelines are not followed. The State of Delaware requires a professional license to be able to buy gold. (“State bureau of, “ 2009). There will also be training held by the company before it launches this new line of business. The training will consist of learning the required paperwork, how to tell the carat weight of the gold, and where to send it to. The client
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Unformatted text preview: will also have to have their ID photocopied and then be paid for the transaction. New signage will be placed outside the business. Also, flyers will be handed out around the area. This will increase the client base. With the increase in client base, the company has decided to decline any client that may potentially have gold that was obtained illegally. These clients will be turned away prior to any transaction taking place. Due to the nature of this new line of business, employees will be paid a commission on what is bought. If by chance that something is not completed correctly, or the gold is handled wrong, then that commission will be charged back to the employee. Not following the procedures can be followed up with disciplinary action to include termination. Unit 2 Assignment 3 Stat e bureau of in vestigat ion . (2009, April 21). Retrieved from http://dsp.delaware.gov/StateBureauofIdentification.shtml#7...
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jasminegood_MT320-05_unit 2_assignment - will also have to...

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