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jasminegood_MT320-05_unit 3_assignment

jasminegood_MT320-05_unit 3_assignment - Unit 3 Assignment...

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Unit 3 Assignment 1 Unit 3 Assignment Jasmine Good Kaplan University MT320-05 Research and Presentation Gillian Martin May 30,2011
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Unit 3 Assignment 2 Unit 3 Assignment At present I am employed with a Company that offers many lines of services. The newest product offered is the purchase of precious metals i.e., gold and silver. In addition, offering the purchase of precious metals will increase personnel and production method. This will includes an increase in paperwork, marketing, and a larger customer base. According to the United States Department of Labor in 2009 the United States officially declared that the unemployment rate was at an all time high of 14-19% of the U.S. Citizens were unemployed. With this economic downturn people were forced to survive by alternative methods which consisted of selling their precious metals for cash as well as payday or title loans. Creating the optimum Industry conditions, with strict State/Federal guidelines in
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