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jasminegood_MT320-05_unit 7_assignment

jasminegood_MT320-05_unit 7_assignment - Unit 7 Assignment...

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Unit 7 Assignment 1 Unit 7 Assignment Jasmine Good Kaplan University MT320-05: Research and Presentation Professor Gillian Martin June 7, 2011
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Unit 7 Assignment 2 Unit 7 Assignment Upon completion of this survey and data is analyzed, the Pre-analytical process will begin. The process will begin with data editing. This process will combine the computer generated assessment in conjunction with the one-on-one interviews given. This will provide a base for cross-reference information given. Secondly, with the collected and edited data variable development with all of the previous benchmarks taking account for the personable factor that makes a cohesive working environment. Once these variables have been assessed data coding can be used as an invaluable tool to chart computability. The United States Department of Labor in the Division of Employment uses an assessment tool called "Career Scope,” this has proven to be an invaluable tool. This tool
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