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Study Guide—Exam 2

Study Guide—Exam 2 - o spinal cord(and...

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Deborah L. Stote, Ph.D. Study Guide—Exam 2 Neurons o Cells in the human brain in general o Prominent researchers of brain cells o Parts (components) of a brain cell o Axonal covering (parts and duties) o components/stages of an action potential o cells of the cerebellum o types of neurons and their jobs o glial cells o resting potential o action potential o first study model of action potential (and researchers) [think calamari : >] o reflexes Neurotransmitters o agonists and antagonists o receptor types o serotonin o dopamine o acetylcholine o GABA o glutamate Anatomy o representations of sensory and motor cortex o major divisions of brain (e.g., forebrain, hindbrain, etc.) o hippocampus o amygdala o frontal cortex o pineal gland o cortex in general o divisions and functions of cortex (frontal, temporal, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: o spinal cord (and damage) o corpus callosum o thalamus o medulla o cerebellum 1 Deborah L. Stote, Ph.D. • Memory o HM o model of memory (sensory, short-term, long-term) o encoding o retrieval o hippocampal involvement in memory storage o episodic memory o semantic memory o procedural memory o explicit and implicit memory as systems o frontal lobe involvement in mnemonic processing o anterograde and retrograde amnesia o strategies for encoding memory • Research Methods o experimenter expectancy effects (and techniques to overcome) o validity o reliability o correlation, correlation coefficients o experimental design o operational definitions o sample sizes and law of large numbers 2...
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Study Guide—Exam 2 - o spinal cord(and...

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