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6.003: Signals and Systems Lecture 1 September 10, 2009 1 6.003: Signals and Systems Signals and Systems September 10, 2009 6.003: Signals and Systems Today’s handouts: Single package containing Slides from Lecture 1 Homework Assignment 1 Lecturer: Denny Freeman ( freeman@mit.edu ) Instructors: Elfar Adalsteinsson ( elfar@mit.edu ) Marc Baldo ( baldo@mit.edu ) TAs: Jennifer Roberts ( jenmarie@mit.edu ) Dennis Wei ( dwei@mit.edu ) TBA Website: mit.edu/6.003 Text: Signals and Systems – Oppenheim and Willsky 6.003: Homework Doing the homework is essential for understanding the content. where subject matter is/isn’t learned equivalent to “practice” in sports or music Weekly Homework Assignments Conventional Homework Problems plus Engineering Design Problems (Python/Matlab) Open Office Hours ! Stata Basement (32-044) Mondays and Tuesdays, afternoons and early evenings 6.003: Signals and Systems Collaboration Policy Discussion of concepts in homework is encouraged Sharing of homework or code is not permitted and will be re- ported to the COD Firm Deadlines Homework must be submitted in recitation on due date Late homework will NOT be accepted unless excused by the staff, a Dean, or Physician (except for single “extension”) Homework Extension Policy Every student gets one extension Can be used for any weekly homework assignment and for any reason Simply ask your TA for an extension before 11:59 pm on the day preceding the due date (cannot be rescinded) 6.003: Signals and Systems Weekly meetings with class representatives help staff understand student perspective learn about teaching One representative from each section (4 total) Tentatively meet on Thursday afternoon Interested? . ..send email to freeman@mit.edu 6.003 At-A-Glance Sep 8 Registration Day Discrete Systems L1: Signals and Systems R2: Difference Equations Sep 15 L2: Discrete-Time Systems HW1 due R3: Discrete-Time Systems L3: Feedback, Cycles, and Modes R4: Feedback,
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lec01-handout-6up - 6.003: Signals and Systems Lecture 1...

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