Biological Anthropology Notes 6

Biological Anthropology Notes 6 - Biological Anthropology...

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Biological Anthropology Notes October 30, 2006 - Primate taxonomy o Primate order characteristics Emphasis on vision Good depth perception o Binocular vision o Stereoscopic vision Images go to both sides of the brain Color vision o Nocturnal primates are the exception o Diurnal, nocturnal, crepuscular (dawn and dusk activity) Postorbital bar, present in lemur, but absent in dog Reduced snout Reduced sense of smell Reduced prognathism Auditory Bulla Tiny bones of middle ear are within a chamber of bone called the auditory bulla Prehensile Hands and Feet Opposable thumb and big toe for grasping Reduction of claws to nails Increased cerebral cortex Increased intelligence Increased play behavior Extended gestation Increased development of the placenta Decreased litter size Primates give birth to single offspring Two reproducing strategies o K-selection Massive amounts of paternal care Few offspring with special amount of care o R-selection Produce thousands of eggs No care put into them afterwards Primates are K-selected Altricial young Primate young are born highly dependent upon paternal care Social groups
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o Retained ancestral traits Clavicle Primates keep the clavicle, holds the shoulder blade out away from the rib cage. Pentadactyly Share this trait of 5 digits on limbs with many other animals Generalize mammalian dentition Our teeth Homodonts versus heterodonts o Homodonts All teeth are all the same shape May differ in size, but are all the same shape o Heterodonts Have different shaped teeth Mammals are heterodonts
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Biological Anthropology Notes 6 - Biological Anthropology...

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