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Affirmative Action - AFFIRMATIVE ACTION 1 Affirmative...

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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION 1 Affirmative Action Gustavo Medina COM/220 May 9, 2010 Jeannette Collings
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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION 2 Introduction Was Affirmative Action created to obliterate the wrongs white Americans had done to individuals depriving them of the rights of equality guaranteed them under American constitutional law? The Declaration of Independence stated that all men are created equal and endowed with the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These tenets were embodied in the Constitution in 1787 and in the amendments that followed. But the equality was on paper only. At the time when the Declaration of Independence was written, there were over 125,000 black slaves who were in no way considered equal to their white masters. However, policies have been implemented since 1961 to go against the words of the founding fathers of this country. Corinne E. Anderson defines affirmative action as "a policy or program for correcting the effects of discrimination in the employment or education of members of certain groups or encouragement for increased representation of women and minority-group members, in employment, and education.” Problems associated with affirmative action include reverse discrimination. Also, merit and accomplishments may be replaced by the requirement of a quota for a certain race or gender. March 6, 1961 executive order number 10965 was promulgated by President Kennedy to
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Affirmative Action - AFFIRMATIVE ACTION 1 Affirmative...

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