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CGS2570 Fall-2011 Projects & Assignments

CGS2570 Fall-2011 Projects & Assignments - Projects...

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Projects and Assignment Overview: All files must be submitted to the appropriate Dropbox folder through eLearning. You must save your email confirmation from eLearning every time you submit a file to the Dropbox as confirmation that you did submit each file. You may not email, fax, or print your assignments for credit. All Projects (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) and the Syllabus Assignment are due on a SATURDAY as indicated in the calendar. It is your responsibility to turn assignments in on time and to the proper location. Time is based on UWF time, which is the Central Time Zone, as shown on eLearning. This is NOT your PC time; it is eLearning's time. Current time according to eLearning can be found on the course's home page. No questions pertaining to a project or assignment will be answered within the 24 hours prior to the deadline . So, a Saturday is too late to ask for help. Start early! Email your questions to the instructor. Discussion Board forums are VALUABLE resources for assistance. Read through the appropriate discussion forum to see if your issue has already been addressed. If it hasn't, then post your question. The instructor will check the forum frequently, but you may find that your fellow classmates may also be able to provide direction (or you may be able to provide assistance with their questions). Specific questions/answers that pose whether the issue is correct or not that include any sort of answer (correct or not) should not be posted, and will be removed by instructor.
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