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CGS2570 Fall-2011 Quiz Overview

CGS2570 Fall-2011 Quiz Overview - Quiz Overview...

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Quizzes: Overview: You will have several quizzes that will test your knowledge of the material in the text. Due to time constraints, some chapters may be combined. See the course calendar in eLearning for specifics. The online quizzes will be submitted through the "Quizzes" feature of eLearning. DO NOT TAKE A QUIZ FROM WITHIN EDESKTOP. The quizzes are each available for at least a week ( Sunday through Saturday ). Time is based on UWF time, which is the Central Time Zone, as shown on eLearning. This is NOT your PC time; it is eLearning's time. Current time according to eLearning can be found on course home page. NOTE: eLearning performs daily maintenance between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM (you will only see a notice if you log in between those times). This has negatively affected quizzes, and creates a security breach. Therefore, any student who attempts to take a quiz between 3 am and 6 am may receive a ZERO . Each quiz will be timed, based on the total number of questions.
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