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CGS2570 Student Pledge of Conduct

CGS2570 Student Pledge of Conduct - STUDENTS PLEDGE OF...

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STUDENT’S PLEDGE OF PROPER ACADEMIC CONDUCT 10% OF THE ASSIGNMENT/PROJECT GRADE WILL NOT BE EARNED IF THE ASSIGNMENT/PROJECT THE PLEDGE IS TO ACCOMPANY IS NOT ALSO SUBMITTED ALONG WITH THIS SEPARATE FILE Do not change the filename from StudentPledgeofConduct.docx. eLearning will automatically prepend your name when the file is submitted to the Dropbox folder. This pledge certifies that what I have submitted for my assignment or project for the CGS2570 Personal Computer Applications course, section number ________, during the fall semester in the year 2011 is my original, individual work. I certify that this assignment/project has not been altered from another person’s document, I have not allowed another student to see or use my work for the purposes of this class (either through collusion or negligence--e.g., loaning my laptop to another student when it had my unprotected files on it), I did not work on a single document with a fellow student, with each of us later
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