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Issue Communication Tree - time of day or night. You may...

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Issue Communication Tree For issues regarding grades, grade feedback, quiz grades, or content, you MUST: Email the instructor at following instructions found on Communication Protocol content page For issues regarding project instructions or assistance with projects, you may either: AFTER you have read the applicable section in the text and done the applicable Hands-On Exercises, you may: Post a question to the discussion board Email the instructor at following the instructions found on the Communication Protocol content page Do not just contact the instructor and say that you don't know what to do. I can only help you if you are clear in the specific trouble you are experiencing. For issues with eLearning and/or eDesktop, you MUST do BOTH of the following: Contact the ITS helpdesk FIRST at or (850) 474-2075 , no matter what
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Unformatted text preview: time of day or night. You may get a recording in the middle of the night; leave a message. They will get the message much sooner than by notifying the instructor only. The instructor cannot assist you with technical difficulties. The Helpdesk must be notified so they can either walk you through the issue or fix the problem. They cannot fix it if they do not know about it. If you only email the instructor, you will greatly delay the issue being resolved. Contact the Helpdesk FIRST. Email the instructor SECOND Either cc: the instructor when you email the helpdesk or Forward the trouble ticket you receive from helpdesk This is to notify instructor of difficulties in case other arrangements need to be made. Issue Communication Tree .. 1 of 1 8/22/2011 11:24 PM...
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