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PCB4703 eLearning Orientation - nline Orientation:...

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ONLINE ORIENTATION Human Physiology, ONLINE! Preparing for the Semester Ahead This document is designed to get you ready for the course and help you to understand course expectations within the eLearning course management system. Let's begin with what lies ahead in terms of course content. During the first week of class, you will receive this welcome message via e-mail. If you are new to eLearning, following the links in that email to review the various eLearning demos, tutorials, and student orientation will be your first priority. How Your Progress Will Be Assessed Next, let's talk a bit about course expectations. The official Course Syllabus contains information on prequisites, student learning outcomes, evaluation criteria and an overview of the required course materials. You will also find contact information for me. To briefly summarize, you will complete this course by proceeding through the modules listed in eLearning. Within these modules, you will complete various assignments. You will complete exams online. Additional details regarding the class communication protocol, expectations for participation, and any plugins you may need on your computer to complete various modules are described in the Course Syllabus or below. Getting Organized and Setting a Plan for the Semester Students in previous semesters have made a number of suggestions for staying on target in online courses, including: HELP - I don't know where to start!!! If you have never taken an online class, you need to be prepared to spend approximately 8-12 hours per week online completing lessons, activities, and/or participating in class discussions. You may spend some additional time online during the first couple weeks while you become acclimated to the online class format, and you may even feel overwhelmed. Contact your instructor early if you are having any problems. Every instructor wants your online experience to be as painless as possible. The most important REQUIREMENT for any online course is that you have consistent Internet and e-mail capabilities . Your instructor wants to help you adjust to the course, and to help you score the highest possible grades on the course testing materials. Before you continue in an online course or ask your instructor a question, you need to review the Content link and make sure you have read all of the materials indicated under the heading Important Course Information . As soon as it is available, proceed through all the links in
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PCB4703 eLearning Orientation - nline Orientation:...

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