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PCB4703 eLearning Proctor Info

PCB4703 eLearning Proctor Info - Librarian at a public...

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This course requires a proctor for the Final Exam And right about now you are thinking "How the heck do I find one of those?!" It's not that big of a problem. Below are three ways to find a proctor. Use ProctorU - online proctoring service Use the NCTA - network of testing centers Ask someone you know professionally. I will allow the following professionals to proctor your exam: Educational administrator or librarian at a community college, university, or high school
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Unformatted text preview: Librarian at a public library Military officer of higher rank than the student Doctor, nurse practioner, dentist, PA, PT, or equivalent. After reading the directiosn below fill out this form on your proctor: Proctor Approval Application Here are the UWF proctor guidelines . http://hostsited2l.uwf.edu/content/enforced/844667-1529PCB4703201. .. 1 of 1 8/22/2011 2:07 PM...
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