BUL4602 Fall-2011 Course Outline Lecture by Lecture

BUL4602 Fall-2011 Course Outline Lecture by Lecture -...

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LEGAL FUNDAMENTALS OF HEALTHCARE AND PUBLIC HEALTH Lecture Outline This document provides you with an outline of each lecture in the course. ( Printable Copy ) Introduction Course Purpose Course materials Lectures 1 through 11 Descriptions Graduate Student Paper Thought for first lecture 1. Law and Ethics Terminology Purpose of Ethics 4 ethical value systems 3 step personal decision model Law and Ethics Why Study Law? Morality and Law Additional Ethical Topics Healthcare Ethics and Medical Law History of healthcare Ethics AMA Ethical Standards Applied Ethical Models Ethics and Law Ethical Decision Making Three Step - personal quick check model Basic Decision Making Model Seven Step Model Lo’s Clinical Model Suggested Clinical Decision Model Thought for next lecture 2. The Legal System What is the law? Where does Law come from? The COURT SYSTEM Common Law Statutory Law Administrative Rules/Regulations Administrative agency basic functions Administrative Hearings Federal Administrative Procedure Act State Administrative Procedure Acts Constitutional Law Jacobson v. Massachusetts General Legal Tort Legal Thought for next lecture 3. Liability Legal Terminology Lecture by Lecture Course Outline http://hostsited2l.uwf.edu/content/enforced/853260-2845BUL4602201. .. 1 of 6 8/22/2011 9:36 PM
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Medical Negligence Standard of care Negligence identification Tort Defenses Good Samaritan Statute Generally Botte v. Pomeroy (Florida case) Government Liability Legal Terminology Sovereign immunity Waiver of sovereign immunity Proprietary function Governmental function U.S. v. Varig CAUTION Qualified Immunity Individual Health Officers Juci-Rich v. Lowe Precautionary measures Thought for next lecture 4. Healthcare Provider Duties Legal Terminology Physician-patient relationship Consent to treat – first things first Informed Medical Consent (elements) Procedures with substantial chance of harm Implied consent Implied by patient action Implied by law Proof of informed consent Case study Why the concern over informed consent? Substitute consent givers
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BUL4602 Fall-2011 Course Outline Lecture by Lecture -...

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