BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 6, Reading 2

BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 6, Reading 2 - CHAPTER 64B8-8...

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- 280 CHAPTER 64B8-8 DISCIPLINE AND LICENSURE RESTRICTIONS 64B8-8.001 Disciplinary Guidelines. 64B8-8.002 Time for Payment of Civil Penalties or Administrative Fines; Time Frames for completion of Requirements. 64B8-8.003 Reinstatement of License. 64B8-8.004 Permanent Revocation. 64B8-8.005 Prescriptions to Correct Refractive Errors. 64B8-8.006 Probationary Conditions and Definitions. (Repealed) 64B8-8.007 Supervision of Physician’s Assistants or Anesthesiologist Assistants. 64B8-8.008 Random Blood and Urine Testing. 64B8-8.009 Surrender of License and Wall Certificate. 64B8-8.011 Notice of Noncompliance. 64B8-8.015 Mediation. 64B8-8.017 Citation Authority. 64B8-8.018 Voluntary Relinquishment of License. 64B8-8.001 Disciplinary Guidelines. (1) Purpose. Pursuant to Section 456.079, F.S., the Board provides within this rule disciplinary guidelines which shall be imposed upon applicants or licensees whom it regulates under Chapter 458, F.S. The purpose of this rule is to notify applicants and licensees of the ranges of penalties which will routinely be imposed unless the Board finds it necessary to deviate from the guidelines for the stated reasons given within this rule. The ranges of penalties provided below are based upon a single count violation of each provision listed; multiple counts of the violated provisions or a combination of the violations may result in a higher penalty than that for a single, isolated violation. Each range includes the lowest and highest penalty and all penalties falling between. The purposes of the imposition of discipline are to punish the applicants or licensees for violations and to deter them from future violations; to offer opportunities for rehabilitation, when appropriate; and to deter other applicants or licensees from violations. (2) Violations and Range of Penalties. In imposing discipline upon applicants and licensees, in proceedings pursuant to Sections 120.57(1) and (2), F.S., the Board shall act in accordance with the following disciplinary guidelines and shall impose a penalty within the range corresponding to the violations set forth below. The verbal identification of offenses are descriptive only; the full language of each statutory provision cited must be consulted in order to determine the conduct included. RECOMMENDED RANGE OF PENALTY VIOLATION (a) Attempting to obtain, obtaining or renewing a license or certificate by bribery, fraud or through an error of the Department or the Board. (458.331(1)(a), F.S.) (456.072(1)(h), F.S.) 1. Attempting to obtain an initial license by bribery or fraud. 2. Attempting to renew a license by bribery or fraud. 3. Obtaining or renewing a license by bribery or fraud. 4. Obtaining or renewing a license through error of the Department or the Board. FIRST OFFENSE
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BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 6, Reading 2 - CHAPTER 64B8-8...

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