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Code 1976 § 1-18-50 Code of Laws of South Carolina Degrees of regulation of occupation; limits on recommendation of regulation by licensure. (A) If the commission determines that existing remedies do not adequately protect the public health, safety, or welfare, it shall consider the following degrees of regulation of the practice of that occupation in the following order: (1) statutory change to provide for civil causes of action or criminal penalties; (2) inspection of a practitioner's premises and activities and authorization of an appropriate state board, agency, or commission to enjoin an activity which is detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare;
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Unformatted text preview: (3) listing of a practitioner's location, nature, and operation of practice; (4) registration as defined in this chapter; (5) licensure as defined in this chapter. (B) Licensure must be recommended only where the commission determines that registration or other means of regulation is not adequate to protect the health, safety, or welfare of the public. The commission may recommend one or more means of regulation or statutory change, whether or not it is included in subsection (A) of this section. HISTORY: 1988 Act No. 572, 1. Code 1976 1-18-50, SC ST 1-18-50 Current through End of 2005 Reg. Sess. COPYRIGHT 2005 BY THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA...
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