BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 7, Reading 5

BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 7, Reading 5 - CHAPTER 456 HEALTH...

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CHAPTER 456 HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS: GENERAL PROVISIONS 456.001 Definitions. 456.002 Applicability. 456.003 Legislative intent; requirements. 456.004 Department; powers and duties. 456.005 Long-range policy planning; plans, reports, and recommendations. 456.006 Contacting boards through department. 456.007 Board members. 456.008 Accountability and liability of board members. 456.009 Legal and investigative services. 456.011 Boards; organization; meetings; compensation and travel expenses. 456.012 Board rules; final agency action; challenges. 456.013 Department; general licensing provisions. 456.014 Public inspection of information required from applicants; exceptions; examination hearing. 456.015 Limited licenses. 456.016 Use of professional testing services. 456.017 Examinations. 456.018 Penalty for theft or reproduction of an examination. 456.019 Restriction on requirement of citizenship. 456.021 Qualification of immigrants for examination to practice a licensed profession or occupation. 456.022 Foreign-trained professionals; special examination and license provisions. 456.023 Exemption for certain out-of-state or foreign professionals; limited practice permitted. 456.024 Members of Armed Forces in good standing with administrative boards or the department; spouses. HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS: GENERAL PROVISIONS - Page 1 of 81
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456.025 Fees; receipts; disposition. 456.026 Annual report concerning finances, administrative complaints, disciplinary actions, and recommendations. 456.027 Education; accreditation. 456.028 Consultation with postsecondary education boards prior to adoption of changes to training requirements. 456.029 Education; substituting demonstration of competency for clock-hour requirements. 456.031 Requirement for instruction on domestic violence. 456.032 Hepatitis B or HIV carriers. 456.033 Requirement for instruction for certain licensees on HIV and AIDS. 456.034 Athletic trainers and massage therapists; requirement for instruction on HIV and AIDS. 456.035 Address of record. 456.036 Licenses; active and inactive status; delinquency. 456.037 Business establishments; requirements for active status licenses; delinquency; discipline; applicability. 456.0375 Registration of certain clinics; requirements; discipline; exemptions. 456.038 Renewal and cancellation notices. 456.039 Designated health care professionals; information required for licensure. 456.0391 Advanced registered nurse practitioners; information required for certification. 456.041 Practitioner profile; creation. 456.042 Practitioner profiles; update. 456.043 Practitioner profiles; data storage. 456.044 Practitioner profiles; rules; workshops. 456.045 Practitioner profiles; maintenance of superseded information. 456.046
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BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 7, Reading 5 - CHAPTER 456 HEALTH...

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