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BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 9 , Reading 6

BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 9 , Reading 6 - To the Editor The...

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July 30, 2007 To the Editor: The Commentary by Markel et. al. (1) argues that the Speaker case was incorrectly handled primarily because there was insufficient federal legal authority that could have prevented the problems. We in the Florida Department of Health do not believe this is the correct explanation or that the remedy is to expand federal public health authority to improve public health response within the United States. We believe that the problems that occurred were likely due to the clinical complexity of the case and difficulties in communications between federal and state and local public health officials, rather than a lack of adequate public health authority. The authors allege breakdowns in clear lines of authority, but they provide no evidence that existing authorities were not sufficient. Clearly, the border guard incident was a breakdown in performance, not in legal authority. There has been no public discussion
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