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1 Lecture 10, page 1 Welcome to another presentation of LEGAL FUNDAMENTALS OF HEALTHCARE AND PUBLIC HEALTH 1. Turn your speakers on and adjust the volume – most, but not necessarily all, slides are narrated. 2. The large right arrow starts the presentation. The small right arrow-bar advances to the next slide. The large double bar pauses the lecture. 3. A timing bar below indicates your progress on each slide. 4. Notice the options to your right. - Outline - Thumb -Notes -Search (Notes is the narration text) 5. Select the large right arrow in the lower left of the screen and proceed. ENJOY THE PRESENTATION! [If you are familiar with this slide, skip to the next] Hello, I am the author and narrator of the e-book LEGAL FUNDAMENTALS OF HEALTHCARE AND PUBLIC HEALTH. The technology used to make this narrated e-book is Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter. To get started you need to turn your speakers on, adjust the volume, look at the bottom left of the screen. You will see a large right arrow. This large arrow starts the program. During the presentation this large arrow turns to a double bar. The double bar is a pause for the presentation. A timing bar shows how much time is left on the narration for the current slide. To advance to the next slide, click on the small right arrow. Between the small right arrow and the large right arrow is a left arrow for returning to the previous slide. Look to the right and you will see the options of Outline, Thumb, Notes, and Search. Notes provides the text of the narration which can be read along with the voice. This provides a learning reinforcement if you so choose. Outline lists each slide in the lecture. Thumb provides a small copy of the slides. Search provides a word search function for the entire lecture. Select the large right arrow to begin. Adjust the volume. I hope you find the presentation enjoyable and educational. Lecture 10, page 1
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Lecture 10, page 2 END OF LIFE DECISIONS Lecture 10 Lecture 10, END OF LIFE DECISIONS, builds on an earlier concept studied in the area of informed medical consent. The Advance Directive and what to do in the absence of an Advance Directive. The advance directive will be analyzed in conjunction with the decision to withdraw or withhold life support. The study of three emotional and, at the time, controversial cases of end of life situations will provide a basic understanding of the applicable law for this most difficult circumstance. The development of the accepted legal stance from disallowing withdrawing heroic life sustaining measures, to withdrawing those heroic measures, to withdrawing food and hydration clears away the legal mystery of end of life decisions. Understanding the legal requirements affecting end of life decisions sets the framework to ethically assist individuals involved in this most difficult of decisions. Let us begin exploration of End of Life Decision making.
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BUL4602 Fall-2011 Lecture 10 PowerPoint - Lecture 10, page...

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