BUL4602 Fall-2011 Schedule

BUL4602 Fall-2011 Schedule - QUIZ (3 attempts available)...

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LEGAL FUNDAMENTALS OF HEALTHCARE AND PUBLIC HEALTH Schedule – Fall 2011 OPEN DATE DUE DATE EVENT / ITEM SUGGESTED READING Page 1 of 1 All time Lectures 1&2 Lecture read Lecture 3 Lecture read Lecture 4 Lecture read Grad Paper Lecture 5 Lecture read Lecture 6 Lecture read 10-9 Lecture 7 Lecture read Lecture 8 Lecture read 9-25 Lecture 9 Lecture read Lecture 10 Lecture read Lecture 11 Lecture read 11-20 Anytime 9-4 9-11 9-18 9-25 10-2 10-9 10-16 10-23 10-30 11-11 11-13 11-20 11-27 12-9 INTRODUCTION LAW AND ETHICS THE LEGAL SYSTEM QUIZ LIABILITY QUIZ HEALTHCARE PROVIDER DUTIES QUIZ Graduate Student Paper Designation Send to: [email protected] HEALTHCARE BUSINESS ORGANIZATION QUIZ HEALTHCARE LICENSING AND DISCIPLINE QUIZ MIDTERM – 50 random questions HEALTHCARE FRAUD/ABUSE, FEDERAL BUSINESS REGULATION QUIZ MEDICAL RECORDS
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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ (3 attempts available) Graduate Student Paper submission PUBLIC HEALTH IN ACTION QUIZ END OF LIFE DECISIONS QUIZ BIOETHICS QUIZ FINAL EXAM LBPH 1, Article: The Path, Justice Holmes, The Florida Bioethics Network's Guidelines. LBPH 10 Good Samaritan Law Malpractice Standards LBPH 3, Medical consent, Patient Bill of Rights, Article: Legal Hurdles – Medical Treatment for Children, Bittinger LBPH 4 Chap. 456, Florida Statutes LBPH 4, Chap. 456, Florida Statutes 31 USC 3729, 42 USC 1320a 7b, 42 USC 1395nn, 42 CFR 411.351, 411.355, 411.357, 1001.952; Chap 456, Florida Statutes Medical Record Florida, 42USC 1320d, HIPAA Combined Regulations, FDOH LBPH 2, 5 and 6 FAC Chapter 64D-3 Advance Directive, Do Not Resuscitate Order, Durable power of Attorney The Florida Bioethics Network's Guidelines for Ethics Committees...
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