First Law of Thermodynamics

First Law of Thermodynamics - = -U q PV = + qp U PV...

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First Law of Thermodynamics System – the body under study Surrounding – everything outside the  boundary and system Heat – energy that can pass through  boundaries Work – other form of transfer, e.g.  expansion General Equation = + ∆U q w Constant Volume Reaction = ∆U qv Constant Pressure Reaction – ∆V = + ∆U q w
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Unformatted text preview: = -U q PV = + qp U PV Constant Pressure for Ideal Gas - n = PV nRT = + qp U ngRT Enthalpy and Constant Pressure Relation = H qp Enthalpy = + H U PV Constant Pressure and Enthalpy - T = H CpdT Constant Volume and Internal Energy - T = = U qv = U CvdT...
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