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Reading to a child significantly improves their overall intelligence. This fact has been illustrated through Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone program and through other experiments that have taken place over the years. The Harlem Children Zone’s third grade class had higher reading scores than the New York standardized testing average and outstanding math scores. Young children, especially ages zero to three, have more brain capacity to learn information than do adults. James Heckman found that adults from poor families lacked basic skills that adults from wealthier families had most likely obtained when they were very little. The longer a child goes without learning these basic skills, the harder it is for the child to learn the skills. Stated in class, infants have almost an unlimited ability to learn any language at birth but the neurons not used are lost.
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Unformatted text preview: This goes along with the principle “fire together wire together”. In Geoffrey Canada’s baby college, the paretns are taught to read and talk to their children. Many parents put a lot of energy into shutting a child down to make them passive. Little do these parents know, this exploration by the child is actually how the child’s brain develops. When the parent reads to the child, this facilitates in giving the child a secure attachment style; ultimately, the children will have higher self-esteem, be better at managing and expressing emotions, have better social skills, be more empathetic and emotionally resilient. All in all, reading to a child regularly at a young age is crucial to their overall development....
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