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researchextracreditAFTER Study paper

researchextracreditAFTER Study paper - Behavioral and...

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Psychology 107: Introduction to Psychology Instructor: Anita Kim Research Participation Extra Credit Worksheet 2 points Your name (print legibly): ______________________________ At the end of each study you should be fully debriefed about the purpose of the study. Based on that information, answer the following questions about ONE study in which you participated. The pre-screen survey cannot be used for this extra credit. Turn this sheet in on the day of the Final Exam. What area of research did the study address? (Circle answer.)
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Unformatted text preview: Behavioral and Cellular Neuroscience Developmental Psychology Cognitive Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology Clinical Psychology Social Psychology What is the researchers’ primary research question? In other words, what is their hypothesis, or what question are they exploring? If the study is an experiment, what is the independent variable? Describe the relevant variables that the researchers collected. What kind of relationship do the researchers hope to find between the variables they collected?...
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