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Spirituality Disscussion Paper

Spirituality Disscussion Paper - That goal is to strive for...

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That goal is to strive for better life, good health, better jobs, a good spouse, good crops, a better car, etc. For this better life we look up to a higher power to help us to reach our needs. In the American Heritage dictionary the definition of spirituality is, “ relating to or consisting of spirit, Ecclesiastical; sacred”. Most cultures call this spirit, “ God”. Gods in all cultures, from the earliest recorded evidence, have the same characteristics. Gods must be perfect, they are the omniscient originators of the universe, they are the principle objects of faith and worship, and they are of supernatural powers. I have chosen a portrait from the magazine, Christianity Today, December 9th, 2002. The faces have eyes to show us that they see where they are going, but the faces are without features because they represent that all mankind is included in the goal of reaching a higher power with the help of the higher power. Evidence has been found that suggests that since the very earliest civilization, humans have looked to a higher power. There has to be some sense of guidance from someone that is trustworthy, someone who has never made a mistake, and someone who judges, punishes, and rewards human behavior. In early Mesopotamia, in the order of the governmental hierarchy, the diviners would interpret signs in the universe that they considered signs from the Gods. Events such as floods and droughts, winning and loosing wars, good crops and bad crops. These things would be signs to let them know if the Gods were pleased or angry. The diviners would converse with the high priests that would advise the kings. The kings were looked at as second in power under
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