Censorship in High Schools

Censorship in High Schools - According to Encarta World...

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According to Encarta World English Dictionary, censorship is defined as “the suppression of potentially harmful memories, ideas, or desires from the conscious mind.” In compliance to the state guidelines, high school censorship has reached an all time high. It has become an inspiration! As schools omit undesirable ideas, Americans can fight for an idolized utopian society with absolutely no interference on the behalf of high schools. The ultimate goal of this motivating concept being to eliminate the ideas of sex, sexually transmitted diseases and rape over all! Sex and sexually transmitted diseases, for instance are entirely controlled issues. Using censorship, schools can monitor just how much students really know about sexual relations. Wow! Students will learn absolutely nothing about the opposite sex and no one has ever wondered about the unknown. Sexual relations will become a forgotten notion. There goes the problem of overpopulation! Should any student ever have sex against their
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