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Frame in the Movie Yellow Earth The movie, Yellow Earth, focuses on images that use mise en scene aesthetics. Bazin advocates the use of mise en scene rather than using montage. In mise en scene, the director takes account for everything that appears in the frame. The director also takes the effects in the onstage space of the frame. Some examples of effects in the frame are lighting, setting, costume, and character behavior. Even though mise en scene literally means, “placing of the scene”, contextually it means all the effects, actions, and settings in a frame prior to editing. Due to the lack of editing, mise en scene (in contrast to montage) usually presents a long shot to capture more of a realistic emotion. In mise en scene, the shot shows a close up of a character to show emotion. In mise en scene, unlike in montage, cause and effect take an important place in the same, lengthy shot. A reoccurring scene in the movie, the scene of Ciuqiao collecting water from the river,
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