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Remains "the mother of Rowan" remember how moved often in niche markets for children's games looking at her for a place to sell the "electronics" to buy her small device "PlayStation", to mark the success of her first grade of primary, but I was surprised a month after that, "Rowan" asking them to Buy "bike" shipped electricity to play in the courtyard of the house, here stood "the mother of Rowan" a pause, and noted that the children have become consumers in a dangerous and scary, but returned by the memory back when the child was more than forty years, joy often the "Real" one only. We are not talking about the concept of "gift" and the accompanying cost of material and moral, but it is noticeable transformation of the child with social change, the large and visible to a consumer according to the family is finding joy Great shopping, but he has
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Unformatted text preview: become a product of his environment to an object is not full, is asking too much and wants the equivalent of permanent and on a daily basis, until they lost the equivalent meaning, and perhaps even set aside a small portfolio puts his money where the shop whenever he wants, is the presence of the child consumer is a healthy phenomenon normal?, and whether the family alone is responsible for the muetilation happened to the behavior and the child's personality?, or that there are many factors that contributed to a rapid and in the presence of the child consumer?, which is asking too much and mastered the "art of acquisition and procurement," without thinking about how to be productive and wise with riequests and thinking...
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