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Life Style Inventory GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Purpose: Life Style Inventory The purpose of the Life Style Inventory survey is to depict the perceptions of how I think and behave. Life Styles Inventory (LSI) measures 12 specific styles of patterns of thinking that can either help or hinder a person from reaching his or her potential. The 12 styles measured by the LSI are organized into three general clusters: * Constructive, which includes Achievement, Self-Actualizing, Humanistic- Encouraging, and Affiliative thinking styles * Passive/Defensive, which includes Approval, Conventional, Dependent, and Avoidance thinking styles * Aggressive/Defensive, which includes Oppositional, Power, Competitive, and Perfectionistic thinking styles In this paper, I will discuss my primary, backup and limiting personal thinking styles according to the survey and their impact on the way I conduct myself as a manager. I will offer reflection on various aspects of my life events and analyze how I may have developed the various styles that I have throughout my career. Personal Thinking Style: Primary, backup, limiting According to the Life Style Inventory Survey, my primary thinking style is Humanistic- Encouraging described in the Constructive cluster ranking the highest with a raw score of 38 in the 93rd percentile. My raw scores ranged from lowest being 8 to highest 38. The potential results on survey can have lowest 0 and highest 40. This percentile scores represent my results compared to those of 9,207 individuals who previously completed the Life Styles Inventory. For the Humanistic-Encouraging Style in Constructive cluster, I can interpret my percentile score of 93 to mean that I scored higher along Humanistic-Encouraging thinking style than 93% of the other respondents in the sample. The survey result characterized this “style with the following points: * A focused concern for the growth and development of people * Appreciation of the strengths in others, and belief in their potential for improvement * Optimism regarding what people can accomplish * A nurturing approach to relationships * The willingness to assist others with self-improvement * The ability to inspire and motivate others” I have been answering several interview questions with these very truthful answers without actually knowing the label of this style from the inventory. According to the survey, my secondary style is dependent and perfectionistic with both at 87%. In many cases my role may require me to be dependent on others to complete my work but as a perfectionist I am able to benefit from this trait in finding things missed by others easily which in turn makes our team complete and successful at the end.
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In contrast, my lowest raw score of 8 is in Competitive style within the Aggressive / Defensive cluster where I scored higher than only about 20% of the other respondents and therefore indicates that the style represented by Competitive position is not very descriptive of me. I agree with this assessment as well.
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LSI - Life Style Inventory GM591 Leadership and...

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