week 5 MP - AZ Lacrosse anticipates pricing to be at the...

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AZ Lacrosse anticipates pricing to be at the same if not cheaper than its main brick and mortar competitor. . This can be attributed to the fact that many of the sales representatives are strong colleagues’ of me and my partner’s. We will have the option because of these relationships to obtain better pricing and we will also be exclusive on some popular brands. Having researched the prices of our main competition, as well as large stores like Sport’s Authority and Dick’s. Our pricing will be aggressive and will range about 40% to 60% mark up depending upon the brand, and the item. Clothing and accessories will be marked up 60% while equipment will be much less and that will be to stay with Elite Lacrosse and online stores such as LAX monkey, Great Atlantic Lacrosse, and LAX World. Our staff will be capable of conveying a personalized, educational approach to purchasing equipment. The staff will be able to effectively determine suitability in terms of size, comfort, and protection for any lacrosse player at any level. In addition, the pro shop can also customize equipment for enhanced protection and fit. Finally, AZ will implement an equipment trade-in program where children who have outgrown their equipment can trade it in towards the purchase of new equipment. This equipment will be sold in our stores at various prices. We will use the trade in value plus 20% so we will be able to turn this product quickly. We do not want to get into a large market of used equipment there are many other stores that do this and do it well. Going to deep into used equipment will take away sales from our new equipment. Equipment that is priced to turn a good profit. AZ intends to ignore the large majority of price changes initiated by our major competitor. However, we fully expect to be monitoring our prices closely. In addition to a physical storefront, AZ will operate an online store on its website, which will offer
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most products available in the store. This we hope will compete with our online
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week 5 MP - AZ Lacrosse anticipates pricing to be at the...

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