McDonald's Coffee Case

McDonald's Coffee Case - Dan Croghan BUS 101 02/27/2011...

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Dan Croghan BUS 101 02/27/2011 Coffee Spill Case This case was about Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old lady who spilled a McDonald’s coffee on herself. Liebeck put the coffee cup in between her legs while sitting in her car because she could not find a place to put it. While trying to take the lid off she spilled the hot coffee into her lap. 170 degree coffee burned her groin inner thigh and buttocks. She received third-degree burns. She spent a week in the hospital, three weeks at home being taken care of by her daughter then re-hospitalized for skin grafts. Liebeck wrote to McDonald’s asking to make their coffee cooler. She was not planning a lawsuit but her family thought she deserved $2,000 for out of pocket expenses and lost wages of the daughter but was only offered $800. Liebeck gets a lawyer who asked for $100,000 from McDonalds. McDonald’s blames Liebeck for spilling it so it went to court. Part of the defense admitted to knowing that their coffee has had 700 burn complaints in 10 years and nothing has been done to correct that. The Jury in the case decided to award the prosecutor with $200,000 in compensatory damages
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McDonald's Coffee Case - Dan Croghan BUS 101 02/27/2011...

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