Art History paper final

Art History paper final - There are many great works of art...

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There are many great works of art that were made from the prehistoric to Gothic periods of art. From all of these pieces I chose the Running Artemis. The Running Artemis is an almost life size marble sculpture dating from the late second century B.C. To the first Century A.D 1 . It is either a Greek or early Roman work of art. It is presumably the sculpture of the Greek goddess Artemis or Roman Diana,goddess of the hunt, judging from the name of the piece. It has a strap that goes across the body which could be the strap of her quiver used to hold the arrows for her bow. The strap also helps to define her breasts. Unfortunately the piece is pretty heavily damaged. Both arms have been broken off right above the elbows and the legs right below the knees. The head is also missing. Despite these major parts missing the torso of the sculpture is in great condition. Her clothes cling tightly to her body it seems transparent and seem almost as if it has been soaked in water. This shows off the beauty of the goddesses female body. It also lets the folds in her clothes form patterns unrelated to the body's structure. This adds abstract designs to the piece which could otherwise not be shown. The goddess Artemis is usually depicted running in art 2 . This is shown in this piece by the way her clothes seem to billow in the wind. Although it is not here it it likely that she was also depicted with a bow and either a hunting dog or stag 3 . These help depict her as the goddess of the hunt. The Running Artemis is reminiscent of the Nike of Samothrace statue in the book. It is a statue of Nike the Greek goddess of victory 4 . It is made of Parian marble, from the greek island of Paros renowned for its high quality marble. This meant it was a very important piece. It was originally a part 1 "Running Artemis." Saint Louis Art Museum. 2
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Art History paper final - There are many great works of art...

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