Assignment 5 - CSC180 Assignment 5 Fall 2006 Due Tuesday...

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Due: Tuesday, November 28 by 10:00am Instructions: You are to write a C program for the problem below. You do not need to submit a test plan for this program, but you should nevertheless test your code well. You will submit your source code electronically, with the command submitcsc180f 5 a5p1.c , where the 5 indicates assignment 5. Your program must be named a5p1.c . All letters in the filenames must be lower-case. Please include your name and student number as well as the assignment number and problem number at the top of the file. Your programs must accept input data in the order and format specified in each problem statement, and your programs must terminate as indicated in the problem statement. These rules allow us to test all programs with the same input data and return your work in a timely manner. If you have any questions about format or termination, please ask rather than assume. Marking: We will compile and test your programs on the ECF system. Your programs must compile and run correctly on the ECF system to earn full correctness points. Style points are earned by writing your programs with good style. See the style guidelines posted on ccnet. Marking summary (50 pts total): Correctness: 40 pts Style: 10 pts This assignment consists of only one problem, but it has been divided into 5 parts (A through E) to help guide you through your task. We suggest that you complete the parts in the order given since they tend to build on one another. Given that you’re building the program in parts, this means that you can submit (in addition to a5p1.c ) the last fully functional stage of your program in a file named, for example, partc.c . To this end, we also suggest that you save a backup of your program after completing each part. Do not let a compiler error in the last section lose you all your marks! If you can’t get the entire program working, submitting your last working part allows us to test the earlier steps of your program and also to look at your final program submission in a5p1.c for partial credit. Background: One of your classmates recently informed me that the first four assignments were too boring – curious considering that most of you have given the impression that you’ve been quite adequately. ..challenged by them – and couldn’t we work on a game or something? The former is always a dangerous thing to tempt a teacher with, but I am willing to entertain the latter. A game was requested, a game you’ll get. In this assignment, you’ll be implementing a game of solitaire. Largely due to a recently celebrated birthday, I like the idea of scorpion solitaire. Like most solitaire games, the goal is to build ascending suit sequences of each suit (i.e. at the end of the game, you should have four stacks, one for each suit, such that the stack goes from the king at the bottom to the ace on the top). The specific set-up and rules for how you can try to do this will be detailed as we work through the
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Assignment 5 - CSC180 Assignment 5 Fall 2006 Due Tuesday...

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