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Unformatted text preview: C IRCUIT IDEAS ELECTRONICS FOR YOU n MARCH '99 Time Switch Y . K A T A R IA T his circuit is especially designed for those who often need to wake up early in the morning. Ordi- nary alarms in electronic watches are not loud enough and very often they fail to wake up. The switch circuit described here will come handy; it can be used to switch on a TV, radio or tape re- corder etc, which will not allow even the la- ziest amongst us to ig- nore their sound for too long. Besides, this time switch can also be used to switch on/off any other electric or elec- tronic gadget at any time. What you need is a simple analogue electronic clock with alarm facility and a small circuit to implement the time switch. This time switch has two modes. One is ‘time-on’ mode and the other is ‘time-off ’ mode. In time-on mode, you set up the alarm in your clock as per normal procedure and at the set time this switch turns on the gadget con- nected at the output socket-1. In time- off mode, it turns your gadget off at the...
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