lab 1 repot bio - Introduction Human body is a complex...

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Human body is a complex machine sustaining life processes since it contains complex body systems. Among all the systems, cardiovascular system holds its great importance in the bodily functions. In order to evaluate ones cardiovascular fitness, determining person’s heart rate before and after exercise can be very helpful (Wang et al.2006). A previous study also shows that the variations in heart rate recovery time after vigorous exercise can indicate cardiac diseases and give warnings for awaiting heart illnesses (Steven et al. 2010). One way to measure the recovery time and its variations resulting from different exercise intensities is the use of step test. Basically, the subject steps on the step for three minutes and measures its pulse before and after the exercise. The two intensities that were studied in this experiment were 24 steps per minute and 48 steps per minute. The variations in intensity of an exercise are a good way of determining how it affects ones recovery time after the exercise (Bangsbo and Mohr 2005). The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects that different exercise intensities have on person’s recovery time and how it affects the heart rate. It is an important experiment capable of answering many scientific questions. This experiment served as valuable tool in determining whether other variables, such as age, gender and fitness level affect heart rate. For this experiment, the null hypothesis was that the variation in intensity of exercise is not responsible for variations in subject’s heart rate recovery time. The alternative hypothesis was that the higher the intensity of step test, the longer the heart rate recovery time. Materials and Method:
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lab 1 repot bio - Introduction Human body is a complex...

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