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Essay 5 holmes revised - 1 CALL Jennifer Call Professor...

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Jennifer Call Professor Davis FWS: The Mystery in the Story 10/20/10 The two Doyle tales, “A Scandal in Bohemia” and “Charles Augustus Milverton”, involve the detective Sherlock Holmes’ failure to resolve the blackmail schemes and his willingness to engage in burglary that came about due to strong and puzzling women who trigger the situation. The blackmail conspiracies include women as tools or objects within the stories and are special because they cause distraction to men’s analytical minds and behaviors, they affect Holmes justification for his criminal behavior, and they help expose the power that money symbolizes. Victorian values dictate that men are stronger, smarter, and more analytical than women. Catherine Belsey noted that the women in Doyle’s stories represent a “magical quality beyond the reach of scientific knowledge” (385). Holmes feels admiration for Irene Adler’s cleverness even though she was the tool for blackmailing his client in “A Scandal in Bohemia”. It is the first time a woman has outsmarted him and he is awestruck. Holmes also feels another emotion, hatred, for the rich and unsavory Milverton. Holmes’ client, Lady Eva from the story “Charles Augustus Milverton”, and many other women are the objects of Milverton’s blackmailing schemes as proven by the papers found in Milverton’s safe. Whereas in most instances, Holmes is seen as the consummate scientific and methodical thinker, he also shows a humanistic side which appears to be brought about by his disgust for this criminal and the empathy he feels for the unfair treatment for the women who were subjected to the blackmail.
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Essay 5 holmes revised - 1 CALL Jennifer Call Professor...

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