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For a 4-5 pp. essay due Monday, Sept 20th. 2. Oedipus v. Sophocles “Human experience cannot be cabined into the structure of narrative,” announces Alan Dershowitz (105). YOU are an expensive civil/polite lawyer, a colleague/coworker of Dershowitz’s, representing the Estate of Oedipus, who has (arguably) been by the playwright/writer Sophocles and accused of incest (sex between close relatives) and parricide(murder of relative) in order to make a good story. Argue that the representation is false and Oedipus innocent; seek substantial/important damages. Treat the play text, the vehicle of the defamation/insult, as your primary document, keeping in mind these concerns: Traditional Greek law attaches much less importance than American law to concepts of individual responsibility and intent and far more to that of inherited or acquired “pollution.” The claim that “he didn’t know what he was doing” will cut little ice with the jury unless, of course, the play text seems to claim that he did consciously
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