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Jennifer Call Professor Davis FWS: The Mystery in the Story 10/6/10 A Story Versus A Reality Readers of fiction generally expect good people to be rewarded and bad people to be punished. Although people want an orderly and precise series of actions leading up to the ending, that is not how real life always works. That is where I come in. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a civil lawyer, a colleague of Alan Dershowitz, and a challenger of the story written by Sophocles that condemns Oedipus to patricide and incest. However, this charge is guilty. Unfortunately, Oedipus is clearly held libel. Oedipus is not guilty because of his good character, the obvious set up that Sophocles led the audience to believe, and that there is not enough evidence to prove Oedipus has committed parricide and incest. The plot begins with desperate civilians crying for Oedipus’ help. Creon, Oedipus’ brother-in-law, explains that a plague was killing an outrageous number of people and is the result of religious pollution, caused by the person who murdered Laius, Oedipus' predecessor as king. Once Oedipus understands the trouble, he promises not to stop his investigation until he uncovers the true murderer and this criminal was killed and the pollution expelled. The tone of his voice makes it obvious that Oedipus is concerned about the people and assures them by asking and stating, “Has something frightened you? What brings you here? Some need? Some want? I’ll help you all I can. I would be cruel did I not greet you with compassion when you are gathered here before me” (Sophocles 1
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347). The townspeople turn to Oedipus, which shows Oedipus has a good reputation. With that said, Oedipus clearly could not have committed the crime since he has done so much philanthropy in the past and is still willing to help people. Unfortunately, pandemonium follows as Oedipus investigates the townspeople’s concerns. Sophocles does an excellent job at defacing Oedipus’ character. He does this by bringing in a prophet, Teiresias and Creon to tell Oedipus a false story that fits together. While Oedipus is pushing this story out of his head as much as possible, an internal conflict arouses as Sophocles has everyone who knows Oedipus to believe the story, which convinces Oedipus also.
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revision essay 2 - 1 Call Jennifer Call Professor Davis FWS...

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