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English 1147. 105 Schedule and Topics: #5 F10 9 10/18 Maguffins and fatal women: “the stuff dreams are made of” W 20: Essay #5 due (Holmes) 10 10/25 M 25: Hammett, “The House in Turk Street” (CS); Chandler, “The Simple Art of Murder” (Blackboard) W 27: The Maltese Falcon, chapters 1-8 11 11/1 M 1: The Maltese Falcon, chapters 9-20 W 3: Essay #6 (Maltese) due Essay #5 4-5 pp., due Monday 11/1 These are topics for an essay about Hammett’s novel. You are welcome to view the film, John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon (1941) on your own and to introduce its contrasts with the book in your writing. But you will need to be intimately familiar with the book and cite from it meaningfully in your essay. 1. Hard-boiled chronicle vs. problem-based mystery There are those, writes Raymond Chandler, who say that Hammett did not write detective stories at all – merely hard-boiled chronicles of mean streets with a perfunctory mystery element dropped in like the olive in a martini. . . . There are also a few badly scarred champions of the formal or clasic mystery who think that no story is a detective story which does not pose a formal and exact problem and arrange the clues around it with neat labels on them. Such would point out, for example, that in reading The Maltese Falcon no one concerns himself with who killed Spade’s partner Archer (which is the only formal
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topics_6 - English 1147.105 9 10/18 Schedule and Topics: #5...

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