Cold+War+Ideology+and+Polices+Kelly+Schwebel[1] - Running...

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Unformatted text preview: Running head: COLD WAR IDEOLOGY AND POLICES 1 Cold War Ideology and Polices Kelly Schwebel HIS 135 May 29, 2011 Cynthia Krutsinger COLD WAR IDEOLOGY AND POLICES 2 Cold War Ideology and Polices At the time of the Cold War, the United Sates and the Soviet Union (Russia) were allies. The two of them fought not in favor of Germany and Japan. The United States was also teamed up with China who fought against Japan. Even though The United States and The Soviet Union were allies there was a lot of distrust between the two and this showed during the Cold War. Information that the United States was shared with Great Brittan was not also shared with Russia. When the iron curtain separated East Germany from West Germany the feelings of distrust enhanced. This caused the Soviet Union to rule East Germany while the United States ruled Western Europe together they were rebuilding West Germany. Even though there was the defeat on Japan there were many resources that declared the atomic bomb had been released to...
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Cold+War+Ideology+and+Polices+Kelly+Schwebel[1] - Running...

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