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Running head: EISENHOWER’S POLITICS 1 Eisenhower’s Politics Kelly Schwebel HIS 135 June 3, 2011 Cynthia Krutsinger
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EISENHOWER’S POLITICS 2 Eisenhower’s Politics President Eisenhower kept an optimistic view on the American economy. He tried new and unique ways of managing the economy. Some would say that Eisenhower’s vies were unorthodox, as when he chose to cut the government’s spending rather than what some termed government “handouts”. As far as the Eisenhower was concerned cutting deficit spending and dropping taxes were only short-term fixes. To create jobs and invest system. Eisenhower said
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Unformatted text preview: that the best economic stimulus was making sure that people always had work and money to spend. By keeping social programs in place, like Social Security which was extended to more than ten-million workers. Eisenhower kept a consensus between the parties. Eisenhower, though did not want the government involved in business matters and kept it out of the credit market or health care. International opinion holds that Eisenhower was America’s best president to this day....
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Eisenhower's+Politics+Kelly+Schwebel - that the best...

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