Nixon's+Polices+Kelly+Schwebel - to end in an honorable and...

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Running head: NIXON'S POLITICS 1 Nixon's Politics Kelly Schwebel HIS 135 June 23, 2011 Cynthia Krutsinger
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NIXON'S POLITICS 2 Nixon's Politics Many people believed that America was responsible for destroying Communism before it could spread into Europe. American Leaders in the past had promised that defeating communism would win the war. Foreign policy was often based on threats of invasion, violent containment and the use of nuclear bombs. The American public was familiar with these strategies because they were broadcast over television, radio, and appeared in newspapers and magazine. President Nixon wanted to end the war in Vietnam rather than win it. Winning the war would cost America billions of dollars and loss of thousands of soldier’s. Nixon wanted the war
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Unformatted text preview: to end in an honorable and peaceful way. To move this along Nixon secretly brought back American soldiers from Vietnam, although Nixon ordered raids of North Vietnamese bases near Cambodia. After that the American people protested and to show disapproval, Congress repealed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. The Nixon Doctrine relieved the United States military by shifting some military obligations to their allies. In order to contain Soviet power Nixon initiated the détente policy. The arms race had set the Soviet economy back significantly. Nixon aided by Kissinger, played the “China Card” for leverage on the Soviets, when Nixon opened China to diplomatic relations with the West....
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Nixon's+Polices+Kelly+Schwebel - to end in an honorable and...

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