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Running head: THE VIETNAM WAR 1 The Vietnam War Kelly Schwebel HIS 135 June 26, 2011 Cynthia Krutsinger
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THE VIETNAM WAR 2 The Vietnam War In the mid sixties, when the Vietnam War was taking place, there was a mandatory draft. What this draft meant was that any American adult male age eighteen or older had to register to be eligible for the draft into the United States Army. If the young man was in college he could apply for a deferment until after he graduated so he would not get drafted while in college. However, young men who had received deferments because of their student status found themselves increasingly in jeopardy as graduation approached, and the promised end to hostilities failed to materialize (University of Miami Libraries, 2009). The imminent arrival of military deployment from graduating students and others in the draft sparked the anti-war movement. The Anti-War movement started because the government was taking freedom of choice away from the fathers, sons and brothers of the American people. There was no choice for them to become a soldier; they had to do it. Honestly, this was not fair everyone else had a choice of
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The+Vietnam+War+Kelly+Schwebel - Running head: THE VIETNAM...

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