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Mary's Battle Kelly Schwebel

Mary's Battle Kelly Schwebel - that financial...

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Running head: MARY'S BATTLE 1 Mary's Battle Kelly Schwebel HCA 250 July 15, 2011 Michelle Rose
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MARY'S BATTLE 2 Mary's Battle For a number of years, Mary a forty two year old female has been fighting breast cancer off and on. She will encounter both negative and positive aspects when adapting to this terminal illness, Her age may negatively affect her adaptations. As a forty two year old woman, she is likely anticipating her two children succeeding with their lives. With her children grown up and in their own homes this might complicate her adjustment. Financial support can have a negative impact on her process of adjustment, even though she currently has healthcare coverage through her employer, once she is unable to work due to her illness she will lose that coverage and have to handle that stress. This can cause a negative impact on her adjustment because she will be facing a financial burden, or after her death leaving
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Unformatted text preview: that financial responsibility to her children. On the positive side of things, Mary can be supported by a social support system of others with her same illness. Mary has a small support system right now from her church, and family. This support can help her adjust to any challenges she faces as the cancer continues and her body becomes weaker. Psychological support is another way Mary can adjust to her illness. She will likely feel anger as a response from her diagnosis and will question why this is her experience and not someone else’s Therapy will help her confront this anger and prepare to deal with what is ahead. The battle against cancer is a long battle but with support from family and friends and therapy Mary can learn to deal with this and live out the rest of her life happily with family and friends....
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Mary's Battle Kelly Schwebel - that financial...

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