z12-LCR CIRCUITS - LCR CIRCUITS Equipment Oscilloscope...

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40 LCR CIRCUITS Equipment: Oscilloscope, signal generator, 3 BNC to alligator wire connectors, inductor, capacitor, resistor, bread boards, LCR multimeter ( C = 1 microfarad, R = 100 ohm, L found for coil from LCR multimeter.) Background: Inductors, capacitors and resistors can be used to make filters which determine the range of frequencies which pass through a circuit. More sophisticated examples of the circuits provided here are used to select a radio signal from among all the radio waves impinging on the antenna of a radio. The object of this lab is to measure the transmission voltage amplitude for a large range of frequencies using a constant input voltage amplitude. This should give you the resonance frequencies and the cut-off frequencies which you can compare with theory values given in circuits table 1. Set-Up 1) Signal Generator: Plug the output BNC to the 50 ohm output port. Set the internal impedance to 50 ohms, set for sine wave generation, 1000 hertz initially, near minimum amplitude initially. 2) Oscilloscope: plug the 2 other BNC cables into the 2 channel input ports. Set the mode to both, norm and chop.
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z12-LCR CIRCUITS - LCR CIRCUITS Equipment Oscilloscope...

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