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Kar week 5 day 7 sci - Dehydration 1 Running Head...

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Dehydration 1 Running Head: DEHYDRATION Dehydration: How does it affect the Body Kara Johnson Axia College
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Dehydration 2 Our bodies are consisted of two-thirds part water. It is well known that water is essential for the maintenance for the health of a human body. Our body requires a minimum that we consume at least one liter of water each day. With a lack of this basic necessity occurs what is known as dehydration – when an individual loses too much body fluid. For the most favorable functioning of the body to occur, drinking at least eight to twelve glasses of water each day is necessary. Drinking water flushes out impurities and retained water. In addition, water, in its many forms contributes to a number of functions in the human body. For instance, water is basically saliva that is used in the mouth and in the blood, which is comprised mostly of water, it “flows through our bodies, delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells and returning waste products to the lungs and kidneys for excretion” (Grosvenor and Smolin, 2006, p. 283). Water also aids the body by producing sweat and “[regulating] body temperature by increasing or decreasing the amount of heat lost at the surface of the body” (Grosvenor and Smolin, 2006, p. 283). Sweat cools the body by producing water to lose heat in the body. Water also aids in digestive and excretory functioning. We lose a lot of water through the digestive system because it aids in breaking down the foods we eat and we lose a lot of water through urine and feces. Furthermore, when the body does not get the water it needs, it dehydrates. Dehydration can occur through sweating when someone is exercising and they have lost too much water. Dehydration leads to fatigue, vomiting, and feeling ill. Severe dehydration is a dangerous situation that can threaten one’s health. When people are severely dehydrated, they should seek
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Kar week 5 day 7 sci - Dehydration 1 Running Head...

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