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MAT 267 TEST 1 – REVIEW NOTE: Below, the Examples and the hw refer to the Examples in the textbook and the homework assigned from the textbook. 10.1 The three dimensional coordinate system. Know how to: Find the distance between two points (see WeBWorK #2, Example 3) and the distance from a point to any of the coordinate axis. Find the equation of a sphere (WeBWorK #5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10 Examples 4,5,6 ) Sketch simple surfaces such as planes and/or cylinders. (WeBWorK #4, Examples 1, 2) 10.2 Definition of vectors. Know how to perform operations with vectors both geometrically (hw #1, 2, 3) and using components (WeBWorK #1, Examples 1, 2, 5). Know the special unit vectors i , j and k . Be able to find unit vectors (WeBWorK #2, Example 6) and, more generally, vectors with a given length in the direction of a given vector (hw 18) Given the coordinates of two points A and B, know how to find the components of the vector AB (Example 3) Know how to express the components of a 2D vector in terms of its length and the angle with the positive x -axis (polar form). Practice on application problems with force and velocity (WeBWorK #3, 4, 5, Example 7). 10.3 The dot product. Know the definition(s) (WeBWorK 1, 2, 3, Examples 1,2 ). Know how to find the angle between two vectors (WeBWorK 3, 6, 8, Example 3). Know how to determine whether two vectors are orthogonal, parallel or neither (WeBWorK 3, 4, 5, hw #20, Example 4) Know how to find scalar and vector projections of a vector in the direction of another vector. (WeBWorK 7, 9, Example
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review1_sp10 - MAT 267 TEST 1 REVIEW NOTE Below the...

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