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IEE220 Team Assignment Section 3: Develop the product & determine its costs, 30 points Meet with your team and discuss the efforts required to fully develop and cost your product 1. Identify the equipment that will be needed 2. Identify the skills or knowledge that will be needed 3. Identify the materials or information that will be needed 4. Identify the sources for materials or information that will be needed 5. Determine what alternate methods can be used to produce your product 6. Identify the materials (and their costs) that will be involved
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Identify the labor costs that will be involved 8. Estimate the overhead costs (rent, utilities, maintenance, managerial, etc.) that will be involved 9. Estimate equipment and license costs (if needed because of patent infringements) that will be needed 10. Determine your per unit cost -Write a memo summarizing your product development efforts and costs as described above.-List sources of information that you used to define cost estimates....
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