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QUIZ_1 - another country’s policy or government 7 Name...

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1) (T/F) Insufficient cash is a major cause of business failure. 2) Name one of the three economies we discussed. 3) GDP stands for ___________ _________ __________. 4) The US grows wheat more efficiently than Canada, so the US has a _____________ advantage over Canada. 5) The _____________ of _____________ is the difference between imports and exports within a country. 6) (T/F) An embargo is a political tool used to influence
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Unformatted text preview: another country’s policy or government. 7) Name one of economic communities discussed in class. 8) Name one of the forms of business presented by Lisa Thompson. 9) What is the most important reason to select one form of business over another ? 10)Name one country that could be considered an emerging market....
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