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Unformatted text preview: Alyssia should make ar$8,000 contribution to her RRSP to reduce her taxable income. True (1) or 'False (2) ”PM " i; am. Una-oi . ‘5" - ? Alyssia has the option of treating the home care costs as a deduction or a tax credit. emu); or Falsc(2) ~ I li'Alyssia’ 5 net income after expenses is determined to be $45, 000 m 2995, she is entitled to a :3 _ , full tax credit (no reduction) for the age amount. " \ . ? True (1) or False (2) s ‘ - — nAl/yssxa 5 home office expense is. $444. .1); wt \‘L‘féfil W— _ iTrue ,(l) or False (2) “Sim; .3 hTara was transferred from North Bay, Ontario, to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, by her employer on March 1, 2005. The following expenses were incurred in full by Mara and her spouse. Mara did not receive a moving allowance. . W k _ Moving cost of personal items lllljsznoo . :f : Air fare for herself, spouse and step-daughter YEW, $2,400 ‘ ” Cost of disposing of the North Bay Home _ its: ' Legal fees W 39 600 Repair costs $ 900 Real estate fees Qt“ $8, 000 Cost of purchasing a new home in Saskatchewan L... 9“” Legal fees . lit“ s 500 Interior design plans 7 KS 500 Mara can deduct the following amount under Moving costs in her 2005 computation of net income for tax purposes. (a) All of the above amounts are deductible against her employment income for the year. (b) All amounts are deductible with the exception of the interior design plans in the new location. 9\ All amounts are deductible from Mara’s income, except the repair cost and interior design plans. " (d) , ‘ All amounts are deductible fi'om Mara’s employment income in Saskatchewan except the repair K64 costs, the interior design plans. Lb) ...
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